Keno Online - Games, Strategies and Casino Bonuses for Keno!

If you want the best selection of Keno games available in America then welcome to the best guide for all you Keno online gaming needs. We will take you through all the areas of the game including where to play and the bonuses you can get to access it for free!!!

Where can you play keno online in the US? Here are the best choices for online gambling and keno games:

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Keno Online - Introduction to Keno, where it began, how it changed and why it is now online as a casino game.

Keno is a fast and frantic lottery style game that is popular with gamblers and casino players the world over. Before the advent of Keno online, traditional Keno was a game steeped in rich tradition and has a long illustrious history behind it. Learning history is always rather boring though, so let’s just give you the major points:

Keno began in China.

It formed in the ancient dynasty era of Han.

Taxes on the game funded the Great Wall of China.

Keno was exported to America by immigrants.

Keno reduced in numbers from 120 to 80.

America built casinos and added Keno as a game of choice.

Keno is now on the internet.

Lesson over, the progression of the game through the ages called for the game to evolve and that still continues right now, new forms of betting, new large jackpots and new variations of the Keno game. The latest is live keno online and soon, no doubt, the game will be presented in Virtual Reality.

You can read on online keno via this link, ideal for Kiwi players.

How to play Keno – Now the game has shifted into online casinos, keno online has retained its basic rules.


For those that have not played Keno, (free keno online is available via this link), think of it as a more of a lotto game with more options to bet and with a better payout.

With the lottery, you pick a number of balls and you stake a wage against those picked to be drawn, the rewards vary on the number you have guessed correctly.

With any keno game online, you have a higher choice of numbers to pick from, you can select a number of different ways to put your money down on the bet and the Keno game pays out depending on the numbers drawn.

The game offers more, the paper ticket is scrapped and it is now computerized. So the formula to Keno is this:

1. Pick a set of numbers from 1 to 15.

2. The more numbers you pick the higher your cash return.

3. Place a bet (okay, this needs more explaining.)

From the bets you can make there are 4 main ones players tend to choose:

Standard betting – pick your numbers and bet

High / low – using a split ticket you can gamble on whether the top of the ticket or the bottom will have the most Keno numbers marked from the draw.

King Number – from you selection you pick one number to be the King, this has its own individual betting value as well as the other numbers. Numbers + King = 2 bets

Split betting– you have two sections of number you pick, for example, 3 lucky numbers and 7 random, this is how the betting works. Lucky / Random / both = 3 bets

Back to the list…

4. Wait for the numbers draw.

5. Celebrate your win!

Playing whilst learning is the best approach!

Strategies for Keno – So what advice can we give you to maximize your success with Keno online, a few maybe.

Chance cannot be altered, unfortunately, but by adapting your approach you will save yourself money and can learn how to read a game and read more at on this subject.

First off, if you think that by placing a bet on one number will be safe enough to win the prize, then think again, you’ll actually be increasing the odds outside of your favour, the more numbers you play the better chance you have of getting hits on the keno numbers you’re predicting. More on this topic can be read here,

Speaking of predictions, it leads us nicely onto the next task, reading the winning numbers drawn, keeping an eye on the numbers may help you to formulate patterns, gauge how the system is playing, if numbers become repetitive, helping you to predict when they may come around again. As for winning, well, you must bet low and play it slow. Don’t throw big wagers on 15 number games, taking that approach that will not result in success and in no time will you be out of money to play.

The last strategy is to secure a casino welcome bonus, these offers give you a great betting platform. If you land yourself a deposit bonus, you can find your deposit multiply by 100% or more, totally free! Now, as well as utilizing free cash, check out some extra strategies for keno online at the following link!

Keno Games – Play Keno online for money or for fun. Here are a few stand out games to ease you into online keno.

If you want to head straight for real money games or test out free demos (with keno bonus), then here is a list of games you must experience when gambling on Keno.

Kenolab by 1x2 Gaming: This online game comes with a return to player of 87.50%, if you’re unaware of what the return to player is, then it’s basically the odds of you winning. The game takes on the science theme as the title would suggest, inside this Kenolab you have lush green and purple colours, bubbling animation and turbo play. The game is easy to use, this is ideal for starters as it keeps the game nice and simple with no bonuses to confuse you.

Vegas Jackpot Keno by Rival Powered: The keno game on offer comes with a whopping 2000 free coins to play with, you can adjust the speed of game play, which comes in handy for started and with it sound control. The outstanding feature of this game is the chat room option, so you are able to converse with fellow Keno players and boast how you’re doing so much better than them.

Monkey Keno by Microgaming: Of the three developers we wouldn’t be out of place to advise that Microgaming is easily one of the top three game designers in the casino industry. Monkey Keno is a vibrant game that is easy to use. With the monkey animation aside the game holds hot and cold numbers, these will help you with your betting. The game holds auto betting, giving you the chance to relax while the system plays the game for you. Okay, the monkey animation is good, they shake the tree and throw coconuts onto the Keno grid, they also go slightly mental, but that’s for you to find out.

All these games and many more can be obtained by download through casino apps or play from the web browser directly to your mobile phone, play on the go, now that is a bonus. Except that if you wish to take the gaming experience to the next level and enjoy tournament action against fellow players then is a site to visit. Enjoy!